And it goes on…


Today has been such a blessing, yet so tiring!

I had a morning of meetings and the Chubb engineer serving the fire alarm, then off to the Vos Iona – soon to be no more where I uplifted their book and video library… then onto a brand new vessel – straight from the shipyard. Registered in Nigeria, she was a lovely vessel. The captain was from Namibia, the Camp Boss was Russian and the cook was Nigerian (as were the rest of the deck crew. The Nigerians were all evangelical Christians – and asked if there was a service that they could go to in the evening… I hope to take them on Thursday!

From there I visited a DOF vessel where I met James, the son of a good friend of mine, Tony – a captain! He was slightly concerned about how he would cope in the North Sea at this time of year! James told me that he was enjoying it and although felt a bit queasy, he was OK.

Then to Enship to organise the delivery of Lebara Top-ups for the Filipino lads on the Bibby Topaz – due into Peterhead on tomorrow.

I then visited the Research Vessel, MV Scotia where I met many good friends. Sadly, they had missed the distribution of the Christmas gifts as they were in Leith – the first time in 13 years that they didn’t get a gift! I’ll put that right tomorrow!


Woolly hats in the basket!

Back at the office I grabbed a late lunch and caught up on emails.

I also had a visitor – one of our wonderful ladies who knits woolly hats for the seafarers! She was given a tour by Charlie and was very impressed by our facilities  – as are the seafarers I am pleased to say!

I then headed off to the monthly meeting of the Nautical Institute. A good time of networking and learning from the various speakers. This month it was Phillip Day, Director of Marine Operations of the Northern Lighthouse Board.

No sooner had that meeting finished and it was off to hospital to visit two seafarers – supplying them with drinks, chocolate, reading materials and a bit of banter… to lift their spirits during a stressful time.

I did manage to take a few pictures of vessels too…

Vos Ocean  entering port

Vos Ocean entering port

Vos Raasay entering port

Vos Raasay entering port








So bed beckons… what will tomorrow bring I wonder?


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