Deo Volente

Friday was a good end to the week – yes, more meetings, paperwork – application forms… but some great

ship visits too!

I want to highlight just one today on the MV Deo Volente.

The vessel arrived at 0355 and sailed at 1759 – just 11 hours in port during which time the 8 crew had to do all the necessary work unloading and loading the vessel.

At first, on entering the bridge, four young men spoke reticently with me. The captain, who seemed too young (or am I getting too old?), chatted respectfully until I asked if they had been at sea on Christmas Day. “Yes,” he responded and he told me of the heavy seas that resulted in a lack of any “celebrations!”

So you will not have had a gift from the Seafarers Centre then?” “No.” the faces of the four men changed dramatically when I produced 8 Christmas Gifts for them.

On opening them they were delighted with the “high quality gifts” but they all especially liked the Woolly hats asking who knitted them!

There was a lot of a laughter and the four Dutch guys were joined by one of the four Filipino crew.

The Captain in the foreground opens his gift!
The Captain in the foreground opens his gift!
Presents on the table
Presents on the table









The crew wearing their woolly hats!
The crew wearing their woolly hats!


The pictures say it all.

I left them assuring them of my prayers – trusting that they would have safe passage through the rough weather that was forecast in the North Sea!

Deo Volente! 

Do you know what it means?

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