I was sitting watching TV last night with my wife and daughter – put my phone on silent so as not to be disturbed…

A mistake?

Rey at Church

Rey at Church last year

I got a message for my volunteer at the Seafarers Centre telling me that Rey was in asking after me! Rey had spent 6 weeks in Aberdeen receiving specialist treatment which saw him spend 2 weeks in hospital before undergoing radiotherapy and being confined to his hotel room! He did come to Church with me just before he headed home and I took him to KFC for some chicken – as he said, you get fed up with posh food!

He returned home to convalesce and returned to the vessel late last year. When I saw him at work this morning I notice that he had put on a bit of weight and we joked and the other two guys in the galley burst into laughter when I said it!

Wearing his woolly Hat!

Wearing his woolly Hat!

On the way off, I met a recipient of one of  our Christmas gifts – it was cold and he was wearing, under his hard hat, his woolly hat! They really do get used and are much appreciated by the crews on the vessels.

The vessel, the Bibby Polaris was diverted to Aberdeen from Peterhead – one of the few ports that kick you out when the weather gets bad! Still, it meant the lads could make a visit to the Centre and relax before sailing later today (midday-ish!) out into the rigours of life on the North Sea!

You are, along with all seafarers, prayed for frequently.

Time for breakfast…


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