It doesn’t happen often, but…


I enjoy my ship visiting, indeed I often remark that I am surprised that I get paid to do this as it is (mostly) great fun.

Captain Kwesi Acquah receiving his large print Bible

Captain Kwesi Acquah receiving his large print Bible

On Thursday the 8th of January I had the joy of chatting with a Captain on the Vos Server. He was bigger than life with a huge smile and we had a long chat over Spiritual matters. He showed me his Bible – well used and lots of notes and verses underlined or highlighted.

He asked me if I knew where he could get a large print New American Standard Bible and I was happy to be able to say that I knew exactly where I could get one!

After leaving the vessel and on return to my office, I went online and looked for his Bible. This I located no problem and I emailed him to ensure that this was the right Bible that he wanted, which he confirmed it was. I then placed an order.

So on his return to port today, I was able to go onboard and meet with the Captain and present him with his new Bible which he was delighted to receive.

We shared some testimonies of God’s faithfulness during difficult times and we were able to encourage each other. He also told me that his younger brother was a preacher and his father and grandfather were both devout Christians and nobody in the family have taken alcohol.

The crew change takes place tomorrow and I am sure that he will return home a happy man. Enjoy your leave Captain!

I also visited, amongst others, two cargo vessels – one was sailing in the afternoon, but the Ukrainian/Russian Crew were delighted to receive belated Christmas gifts, whilst the other vessel said that they would visit the Centre tonight.

Yep, I love my ministry…

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