Start of the New Year!

Well, having had a break since the hectic December, I returned to my office to see a mountain of things to sort through, mail, email, and of course, plenty of ships to be visiting!¬†Interspersed with all this were…

…numerous phone calls, a visit to a retired seafarer and a hospital visit to the Intensive Care Unit to pray with a seafarer and for his stepson – just 26 years of age who had been involved in a motorbike accident.

The ship visits were great fun, mostly – a few cargo vessels in – pleased to get post-Christmas gifts and a couple of supply vessels doing their crew change. I also went and saw an old friend of many years and had a good chat with him. As captain, he was disappointed to have had to sail just before Christmas – and without our gifts from the mission! He needn’t have worried as I took 12 parcels with me.

I had the privilege of meeting with the crew of the Ferry that spotted the capsized vessel (now sunk) who were affected by the events. Eight Polish and one Filipino crew missing, presumed dead.

I was also able to visit another cargo vessel and give the Ukrainian/Latvian/Estonian crew some gifts – before they sailed at 1753 – a quick turnaround and they were disappointed not to have the opportunity to visit the Seafarers Centre.

My ministry is never dull…

Tomorrow looms large…

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