Away from Port for the day!


Yes, it does happen! Occasionally I leave Aberdeen on business. I was invited to attend the Marine Charities Group launch at which the demographics of seafaring welfare was to be shared with distinguished leaders amongst the UK Seafaring Charities. (Don’t know how I got invited – certainly not distinguished!)

Anyway, up at 0400 to walk the dog, then shower and off to the airport for my “red-eye” flight to London City Airport. When the call to board came, everyone rushed up to the gate and a large queue formed… I remained seated! When there were just 3 or 4 folks waiting, I got up and joined the queue only to have someone come up behind me and start a conversation! IMG_3680ASWho was it? None other that the former First Minister of the Scottish Parliament!  We chatted for a while and I shared my vision to buy a building to establish a permanent ‘home’ for the Seafarers Centre. His closing words were, “If there is anything that I can do, just get in touch,” as his aid thrust his business card in my hand!

An uneventful flight and journey to Trinity House  – sumptuous surroundings for our meeting – full of naval history!

IMG_3687MCGThe meeting itself was very good, full of useful information about the demographics of Seafarers (Royal Navy, Merchant Navy and Fishermen) up to 2050.

This was rounded of by a superb lunch and then plenty of networking. I met some interesting folks and shared my passion for Aberdeen and its many seafarers… IMG_3688LCAThere was plenty to think about and reflect on how the Seafarers Centre would work in the years ahead!

I met an old friend afterwards before I headed back to the airport. Flight was delayed, but we had a ‘following wind’ which meant that we were only 15 minutes late!

IMG_3690gumWhilst waiting for the bus home, I spotted an unusual sign – does this mean that they do what they do with paper – mash it all up and reform it to sell at extortionate prices as environmentally friendly paper? I certainly will not be chewing “Recycled Gum!”

Tonight (Saturday 14th) I will be attending teh Nautical Institutes Mariners Ball! It will be a fun evening – last year we raised just over £5,000.

Have a great day!

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