Having a Day Off?


Wednesday 18th was our wedding anniversary. Thirty-one years of marriage with my beautiful wife, so I took the day off – well almost!

Lots of phone calls to deal with, a vessel that required a visit and a retired seafarer who was in a bit of a mess!

I also went to the Ferry Terminal after a call to pick up some mugs! (Not seafarers – drinking mugs!)

Alas, the local council had also conspired against us – Byron’s School was closed for three days so he was at home. No night out or romantic dinner. Homemade curried mince and some cup cakes/banoffee tarts to follow!

Having a cuppa and a chat!

Having a cuppa and a chat!

Back to normal today with two meetings this morning, followed by opening the Seafarers Centre to allow the seafarer to do a Skype interview for a new job. All part of our desire to help seafarers!

Whilst she Skyped, a retired captain popped in, Sandy Begg. A good chinwag over a cuppa and plenty to chat about as he has seen many changes.

Then another visitor – an Indian Lady who was looking for a job! Sadly, we do not have the finances to employ another person – and it would likely be a chaplain or administrator. The lady was an IT and accounts logistics graduate. As ever, not having experience seemed to be the stumbling point to her getting a job!

Off now to pay my invoices… and then it is a visit to a retired seafarer at home.

Tomorrow it is a busy day again, but that is another blog… :o)

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