It’s Thursday already!


In the busyness of Chaplaincy, the days seem to go by fast and the routine administrative tasks slip by all too easily! (Especially when you prefer to visit the many vessels that visit Aberdeen each day!)

I had a call to say that there had been a death onboard a vessel – then one has to change one’s schedule to deal with this…

Some of the other things I have been involved in include:

Meeting with a lady who was planning a surprise renewal of her wedding vows… IMG_3767SeafarerMet with a potential new volunteer… and also with a new volunteer after her first evening “on the job…” I also spent time with a young Portuguese 3rd Engineer who was over here doing a course and looking for work…Attended the Christians in the Oil Industry breakfast meeting at 0700 where Dominic Smart shared a powerful word and we spent some time networking afterwards whilst eating a bacon roll! I visited a retired seafarer at home – more about that next week…

IMG_3800SIMcI visited a seafarer whom I knew as a cadet and she is now an instructor at Kongsberg in Westhill… She was keen for me to play with the simulator, but I decided it was probably best not to! I visited the guy who is organising the musical side of our Celebration evening in April (25th) and later today, I have a lady coming who is hoping to give me some administrative assistance – to get me into order so that I can be freer to do what I love doing – visiting with the guys on the vessels!

There have been other meetings and events, but I will not bore you with everything I get up to.

Tonight I shall be attending the Band of HM Royal Marines Scotland at the Music Hall along with one of our volunteers! If you live in Aberdeen, why don’t you join us – tickets available at the door which opens at 1900, performance starts at 1930! See you there!

I best get on… More tomorrow, hopefully!



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