Car documents - covered in fungus!

Car documents – covered in fungus!

Well Monday started with my car going into the garage for repair – a leak in the floor which led to the documents becoming soggy! The good news is that they did find a leak and have ordered the parts that should arrive tomorrow!

I am driving a courtesy car – a Fait 500… Not insured for business use so, sadly, no ship visiting until I get my car back…

At least it is covered under warranty and interestingly, they found another leak in the boot seal which I didn’t know I had!!

Still, I was able to do a lot of paperwork, and I also had a number of visitors to the Centre today –  Mr and Mrs Hunter who made a donation to the Centre, had a look around the centre and chatted over a cuppa. Then as I was leaving, an old friend, Davie Wood from Lossiemouth popped in with four black bags of clothes!

Every day is different in this ministry…








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