What Tuesday?


Yes, where does the time go?

A good weekend with two visits to vessels on Saturday – one where it was good to see the all British crew and spend a good time with the captain – a friend of many years! I did manage to forego the invite for lunch – it looked up to its usual high standards – there were some delicious steak beef burgers – hand-made – on offer too! The lads in the galley were giving me stick for not eating.

I was on the other vessel at the request of the off-signing cook. The vessel is being laid up and he had left his ‘expensive’ Blaupunkt system in the galley – could I retrieve it please? Happy to help.

Whilst on her, I met Maria from Portugal again and she was asking if I knew of any accommodation as she was coming to Aberdeen to do a course. (Hotels here are over £125 for Bed and Breakfast!) Once again the cost of temporary accommodation causes a lot of stress and financial loss to the seafarer! If only we had accommodation at the centre she said with sadness in her voice. One day perhaps? As an active Roman Catholic I suggested that she approach Doug Duncan the AoS Chaplain or the priest at the Cathedral.

I have reinstated my monthly reports – there is a link to subscribe to this on the website and I have already sent it out to quite a number of folks! If I can work out how, I may just post it on here!

I collected more woolly hats yesterday – thanks to Mrs Croll from Portlethen… Keep them coming.

Now I am off to meet Calvin – the chap who will be updating the official website… www.aseafarer.com

As they say – watch this space!

Have a great day.


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