Well it has been longer than expected… so why no posts? It wasn’t because there was nothing to tell you! So here is what has been going on at the Seafarers Centre and my personal life!

The weekend started with a call from the Centre on Friday evening to say that a Captain was in and wanted to speak to me… Always happy to do so, so out and down to the Centre it was. It was my good friend on the Malaviya Seven. we first met when he was with Captain Ashok Mitra – now retired. An invite to the vessel the following day was forthcoming…

I also had a call that evening from the catering manager on the Well Enhancer. They had excess stuff they wanted to donate to the Centre, could I call on Saturday.

So Saturday was busy with family time – firstly taking our dog to the vets – he had a blockage of sand in his large intestines which necessitated him being hospitalised!

I then made visits to the vessels… the Well Enhancer was first. I met the captain, whom I’ve known for a long time and we had a good chat… He told me that a donation was heading our way having been nominated by one of the vessels crew, John Brown. I also saw the Filipino lads and the Catering Manager for his “donation!” Many thanks!!



Thereafter I went on the Malaviya Seven where I spent a couple of hours where I was forced to have lunch – well, one just isn’t allowed a visit without lunch! When Captain Mitra was still working, I visited at 0900 thinking, “I’ll avoid lunch this time!” Wrong! He spoke on the bridge with me for an hour then told me one of the AB’s wanted to see me, again, another hour went by and then it was the turn of the Mate and after speaking with him for 30 minutes I was ‘instructed’ to go see the captain before I left. Yep, you’ve guessed it – “Ah Father,” he said, “its time for lunch, you must join us!” I graciously admitted defeat and accepted.

Sunday was relatively quiet – well I was on duty at the Seafarers Centre when we had 18 visitors! A good night and great fun, although I was surprised to see the captain of the Malaviya Seven arrive – with a ‘doggy bag’ just for me!

Cookie with his Cook Book!

Cookie with his Cook Book!

One of the visitors was a Filipino Cook by the name of Joel – he enjoyed skyping home and also finding a cookbook amongst the many books we have in the Centre – he was looking to improve his “Western culinary skills!” Glad to be of service!IMG_3656WH

We also had a Ukrainian seafarer who was delighted with his Woolly Hat and took several with him for the crew onboard!

I think the sign might be the wrong way round?

I think the sign might be the wrong way round?

The sign below reads SECURITY No entry to unauthorised persons.

I am sure that there are more effective ways to prevent shore leave, although it may be in contravention of MLC2006! Hehe!

IMG_3665RussianBibleWEBOn Monday I picked up our dog from the vets – recovered from his sand ball blockage and fully fit again!

I did several ship visits along with several meetings and the same on Tuesday. I had been asked for a Russian Bible – for a crew member on the NS IONA which I was happy to take onboard with me. He was pleased to have the Bible and a New Testament as well, but when I told him that he needed to pay me for them, he was a little shocked and nervous, “How much?” I told him just a picture! Sadly, this is my last Russian Bible so if anyone has a spare copy or knows a supplier for them (preferably for free) then please do get in touch!

Monday evening I was out at Light Offshore Christian Fellowship – a good evening looking at Psalm 16 and praying for all involved with the Oil Industry – which I am, even if in an indirect way!

Tuesday evening I was meeting with a couple whose wedding I will be conducting  next month.

I think I will have the evening in tonight… Time will tell.

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