Well it has been a week of the ‘routine’ so this will be a short posting!

Not one to bore you with saying the same things over and over again, it has simply been more of the same!

That said, it has not been mundane or ordinary for every day is significant and has events throughout the day that are special to those I meet. What may be ordinary to me, is special to others.

So I chatted with a seafarer for fifteen minutes at the beginning of the week and we didn’t really say much, however, he did say he enjoyed my jokes… (A man of poor taste? Hehe!)

Then this morning I get a message from him to say “Thank you for lifting my spirits on Monday.” He said, “Having just joined the vessel and left my partner at home I was feeling really low. Your sense of life made me aware that it was my attitude and not the job that needed to change. You prevented me from doing the worst thing I could have done – walked off the vessel and lost my job!”

Never ever think that what you do is insignificant or that life isn’t worth living. Realise that you have a place in society and, more importantly, a place in God’s heart. He wants only good things for you and life can be good, if we do not allow others to discourage us!

The weekend looms, but first I have 3 meetings today and then it is out in the garden tomorrow – if it stays dry! ;o)

Enjoy your day and your weekend.

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