Well, I have held off for a while, but I ma going to do it!

Do what?

Well my next post will reveal all… if I can set up another ‘button’ to start a separate post! we shall see.

First, let me bring you up to date on events.

The Seafarers Centre has been fairly busy and there has been a lot going on as always. As I look back at my diary over the past week it is rather full! Don’t worry, I will not mention everything I was doing…

A week ago I was given a tour of the Seven Incorporated Trades of Aberdeen (http://www.seventradesofaberdeen.co.uk/) which was very interesting and if you get a chance, well worth a visit. This was in preparation for preaching at their annual service in the University Chapel.

On Tuesday I had a visit from the MtS Chaplain and their photographer in the morning and in the afternoon I spent time with the lovely Samarna – she is great at administration -has a Masters in Supply Chain & LogisticsĀ and has begun the mammoth task of organising me! :o)

Wednesday was just lots of meetings! Enough said?

On Thursday I had the pleasure of visiting a couple of retired seafarers and then visiting a few vessels before I met with a CEO and then a department head of two companies before I returned to the office….

Friday I had a great visit on a regular visitor to the port – the captain was ‘leaving the sea’ for a shore job as a lecturer at a Nautical College! I wished him well and we shall see if he likes it or not. He did say that his last trip at sea was particularly rough so he doesn’t think he will miss that side of seafaring!

Crispin with his shopmate, Alvin

Crispin with his shopmate, Alvin

I then had a call to say that a seafarer was in hospital so as I was rather busy, (I had to prepare to conduct a wedding on Saturday and I was preaching on the Sunday too) I sent two of my ship welfare visitors to see Crispin. He had his appendix removed and was in a lot of pain – not even a Toblerone and Doritos got a smile. A supply of top-ups and SIM card to enable him to call home was appreciated though. Pyjamas, razors/toiletries and magazines along with news from back home to save boredom setting in!

Oh the joys and variety of seafaring ministry… watch this space for an update on the weekend!!


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