The month is almost gone…


Once more time seems to be zooming by.

It would be easy to get depressed at how quickly the days are passing, but I prefer to look at it from the point of view – of a life that is full and where much is going on… It certainly keeps me feeling young!

Sea-Cargo ExpressIf my days are quickly passing, spare a thought for the crew of the Sea-Cargo Express. She lived up to her name arriving at 0420 this morning and sailed again at 1010 – that is just five hours and fifty minutes in port! Bear in mind that the crew will have been busy on arrival and before departure, not to mention all the other tasks that they have to contend with in arriving in port… No opportunity to visit the Seafarers Centre and probably no time to go ashore…

The week ahead awaits me, but first, some sleep. Hope you have a great week – I am looking forward to another quick one!

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