It’s been too long!


Where does the time go…

Lots happening at the Seafarers Centre – including giving a budgie overnight accommodation, and total redecoration – still in progress as I type…

Lots going on with the vessels and ship visiting too – despite the recession, the port continues to see many vessels come and go.

One vessel however, MV SALAMET, was in for just over a week and the 22 Turkish crew made great use of the centre whilst here… It reminded me of the ‘good old days’ when a visit to a port meant a decent length of time in and opportunities for a ‘run ashore.’ Most vessels come and go within a day, some just a few hours!IMG_4035Salamet

Anyway, it was good to get to know these guys and to see how happy they were to have somewhere to go each evening – without spending any money! The pool tables were popular, but not as much as the free Skype PC’s and wi-fi! They were a happy lot…

Shortly after its arrival, I visited the crew in the mess and I was surrounded by guys all wanting to buy Lebara top-ups. One young lad asked how much, to which I told him €10 for one, or €15 for two. He told me that he only had €14. I told him that I would accept his €14 and one kiss… The messroom went deathly quiet! He look at me and said, after looking around the room, “Okay!” I burst into laughter and I was joined by the others in the mess as we all had a good laugh together. By the way, he got his top-ups for €14 and NO kiss!

They were many happy times in the Centre that week and it was sad to see them leave on the morning of the 11th.

The Seafarers Centre Chaplain gets some unusual requests… but I think the following request is worthy of note. I’ll let Mark tell the story…MarkBudgie1

Look who flew onboard today.
We need to get it to its owner, its leg ring has a number 16M15L any ideas what to do with this?
Obviously we have no budgie food on board it will have a nibble on oats, but won’t touch a piece of apple, does anyone know safe food to give.
IMG_4060Buggie1We made a cage and have a sheet to cover it, he had a brief sleep, but has been very lively and talkative since. He seems very healthy and happy, but I am worried he will get hungry and tired soon.

Is that a Pirate with a Parrot?  No just Mark and his Budgie friend!

Is that a Pirate with a Parrot?
No just Mark and his Budgie friend!

He called me as the vessel was due into port, but had some inspections and the master wanted the budgie off the vessel. Could I help!

So our lovely budgie was dropped off at the Seafarers Centre for an overnight stay (£140 B&B is the norm in Aberdeen Mark??) and we had our first overnight guest!


Getting stuck into his Budgie Seeds!

He was very well behaved and stayed in his cage until he was uplifted the following day to be reunited with its owner.

Please note that we do NOT have any accommodation at the seafarers centre and this was very much a ‘one-off’ event!

A work in progress...

A work in progress…

The other big thing that has happened is that the seafarers centre was closed! Just temporarily as it s being redecorated and having new carpet tiles fitted throughout!

Work should be completed on Friday (17th) and I will update you with more pictures then.

My ship visitor volunteers continue to visit, as I do, the many vessels that come into port. If they took pictures, I would add them here too!

IMG_4028NannaVikingOne visit stood out… on a vessel where I met the Captain and a good friend who was busy – not on the bridge, but in the galley! He was cooking an Italian fish dish… and it looked delicious!!

The only sad part was that for the Portuguese deck crew, this was to be the last trip with the company… I guess thats the way of things. IMG_4083NiggBay

Is this the first vessel to arrive at the new extension of Aberdeen Harbour at Nigg Bay – ops, just a few years early… Haha!

As many will know, the Harbour has ambitious plans to build a new harbour at Nigg Bay. I was chuckling away when I saw a vessel in the bay this morning…

Well, I think that is enough for now…  More to follow tomorrow!

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