The day started with administration with Aileen doing some letters for me!

I also met with a Filipino seafarer who had a minor stroke which he has made a good recovery from. He has to stay in the UK for 2 weeks before the doctors will allow him to fly home. His company have treated him well and put him up in an apartment at the Douglas Hotel. We chatted for a while and I gave him the usual welfare support before taking him to Lidl and then the fresh fish shop.

He told me that the meals are £20 in the hotel and they are not nice! I suggested that I would have his lunch! Seriously though, he bought vegetables and fish and I gave him a big bag of rice to make his own meals.

He was pleased to see the facilities of the centre too. I suspect that he will be using them a lot over the next week or so!

It was good to be on several vessels today – taking books off one vessel and dropping them off onto another much to their delight!

I was also on the Seven Falcon a Dive Support Vessel. It was her first time in Aberdeen and it was good to meet up with friends from other vessels that I had not seen in a while. After a good bit of banter on the bridge, I went down to the dining room having been invited for lunch, but I declined and chatted with the cook and steward – who feed 120 people! Impressive! A busy vessel, but welcoming nonetheless!

DSCN1029Inverurie-Woolly-HatsI received a picture from the Inverurie Fellowship Group – Hilary and Bob had brought some 130 woolly hats from the group – she wanted a picture to show the ladies…

I am on duty tonight at the Seafarers Centre. It has been a busy night… Sadly, my co-worker has had to go home after dislocating his little finger. He went to A&E and had an x-ray. He has it in a splint and has to go to hospital on Monday for an operation to have a pin put in!

Ten minutes after he left (he wasn’t feeling too good so I sent him home) the seafarers piled in…







Playing pool.


Above, checking their mail, and below, the ever popular clothes rail!








If you have any surplus mens jackets/coats/jeans/jumpers/shoes etc… then we would be happy to receive them and pass them on the needy seafarers.

That’s about all for now…



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