Never a dull moment…


I said in my last post that there were 86,400 seconds in each day…

Well I have to admit that they have been fully utilized over the past week… So much going on and so much to be thankful for.

The total gifts collected for the Festival of Praise event last month, excluding Gift Aid, a fantastic £1,000.

The redecoration is almost complete – thanks to Dee Carpets for the new floor and to Andrew our painter who has brightened the rooms and corridors and even the toilet!

Ministry has continued and we have seen many things going on – including another first… yes, I was actually refused access to a vessel. Mind you, it was the Hamal that was escorted into port by the Coastguard! Understandable considering the “cargo” the vessel was carrying.

There have also been happy moments and sad. Saddened by a retired seafarer who collapsed and ended up in hospital. Thankfully he has made a good recovery. Saddened by the death of a chief engineer on a vessel and subsequently spending time onboard with his crewmates.

Enjoying a game of Pool

Enjoying a game of Pool

The Centre continues to be well used and some fun times have ensued. Our volunteers certainly enjoy their time at the centre and interacting with the many seafarers from around the world.

The Free Internet Access and pool tables are always well used, indeed one of the pool tables now needs recovered at a cost of £500. In real terms, that is only 10p an hour during our opening times since December 2011! Great value.

On a personal note, the house refurbishment continues – with two new lawns in our front and back garden.

The rear garden

The rear garden

The rear garden is taking shape, just the edging to be completed… and then it will be a summer with Byron and our dog, Dillon to play in – oh and the lawnmower will need dusting off…

Preparation of Front Garden!

Preparation of Front Garden!

Meanwhile, the front has been prepared and now turf laid. We have a major project ahead – developing better access from the street and demolishing our air raid shelter and outbuildings, then making a foundation and new workshop. Can anyone recommend a Landscape Gardener/Builder?

I best go – a sermon to prepare for Sunday as well as a funeral of a seafarer on Monday. I also need to do my monthly report… 86,400 seconds in each day – it just never seems to be enough! Haha!

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