I know that in my tradition of Church that we do not do “Christenings,” but this was of a new vessel for Atlantic Offshore. The day began well with plenty of sunshine, by midday the rain was on and my usual sunny day for Christenings (18 of them) wasn’t looking likely.

I was challenged by a few folks and given a bit of ribbing, however, I reminded them that it was not yet 1300…

As can be seen by the picture below, the weather did break and the sun did come out… but I cannot really take the credit – after all, “I am in ‘sales.’ not ‘management!’ Haha!

Heading off now to Thainstone Hotel for the evening festivities…

Hope you have had a great day!


Well, the evening was great – fantastic food, entertainment and company! Well done John – an excellent ‘swan song!’

Sadly, the evening was marred by a sad occurrence… One of the vessels captain’s was given the tragic news that his mother had died.

This was compounded by the fact that he had lost his dad last year and was supposed to be ‘giving away’ his sister at her wedding on Saturday! This is a difficult time for him and his family. do remember them at this very sad time.

I got home just after midnight and headed for bed! Tomorrow will be a busy day!!

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