Yes, it has been another busy day.

I walked the dog with Byron at 0700 this morning, then to the Seafarers Centre where the alarm had gone off – thankfully it was a false alarm.

Whilst there I finished off my wedding preparation and printed it off. I got back home at 0900 for breakfast then prepared a wall in our hallway for plastering.

IMG_4349WeddingA quick shower, followed by a quick bite to eat and then an hours drive to conduct a wedding. The bride arrived in a tractor – only spoiled by the fact that it was a bit windy!  Another hour drive back. A quick cup of tea, then walk the dog again with Byron for an hour. Home to cook the dinner, then do more dishes, followed by cleaning up the kitchen and the cooker – including the oven!

I got the ‘dog mess’ (not our dogs!) of Naomi’s trainers and then, after washing my hands – I had a cup of tea.

Just got into bed…

Sunday tomorrow – a day of rest – allegedly!

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