Yes, it is a fact of life that time seems to fly by.

It has been a busy and stressful week. My wife has been ill for a while and last Monday she agreed that I could call the GP. All well and good you may think, however, after hundreds (literally!) of calls between 0830 and 1100 I gave up and posted on FaceBook my frustration at not getting through. A doctor friend of mine saw the post and we had soon received a call from the surgery and I nipped home to take Anne there.

The doctor we saw was first class. various tests and medicine prescribed and plenty of bed rest… as if Anne could do anything else! Haha!

Tuesday came and Anne was worse still. I decided not to call, but went into the surgery and bumped into the doctor who saw her the day before… cutting a long story short, it was an admission to hospital… Anne was quite unwell with suspected viral meningitis and was in a lot of pain and being sick…

Again, keeping it short, she got home late Wednesday and I then rushed off to do a wedding rehearsal. Thankfully my daughter was able to take a couple of days of work and look after her – I had several commitments, including speaking at the Dean of Guild monthly lunch and also on Thursday a cruise vessel to visit and in the afternoon another Christening to perform.

Juggling home commitments and ministry to my seafarers is always a challenge, but this week certainly was a difficult, however, we have come through it and I am now catching up with those things that went undone.

Anne is still unwell and the doctors say it will be at least 2 weeks before she will feel any better!

I hope that you have a great weekend – I have a wedding to perform tomorrow – always a time of great enjoyment and celebration.

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  1. Adam Plenderleith Reply

    Dear Howard, realised how serious things were when HD manages ‘to keep it short’! Seriously be assured of our prayers as you seek, in His strength, to juggle all your responsibilities. Every blessing, Adam..

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