On Holiday – so time for a catch-up…

Yes, I have finally gone on holiday – leaving the Seafarers Centre in the capable hands of my volunteers!

Just had our evening meal and I’ve done the dishes after being out for the day at a wildlife park with Byron and Naomi to give Anne a good rest. I will post pictures later in the week…

I wanted to do an update on various events that have happened just before I went on holiday… but here I am on holiday trying to catch up – again!

After the Open Day we received coverage in the local press…

Press & Journal article

And in the Seafarering press:

Seafaring Times

Koos with his T-shirt!
Koos with his T-shirt!

It was a good day, several new volunteers and donations of woolly hats and second hand clothes! If you would like to help – do get in touch!

The week before I went on holiday I attended several meetings and tried to do as much paperwork as I could and even managed some ship visits.

I visited Koos who was keen to show me his latest gift – a T-shirt – very applicable for this retired seafarer.

Vroon Offshore's latest vessel
Vroon Offshore’s latest vessel

The Vos Gorgeous is the latest addition to the Vroon Offshore’s fleet of ERRV’s.

Interestingly, the Godmother is to be the owner of Vroon’s wife on the 25th July.

I wonder why they picked that name for the vessel?

Well I found out when I went to meet them just before I left for my holiday. I was asked by Coco if I would give them my blessing – which I was more than happy to do… although, I couldn’t promise them sunshine on the day… I did wish them a happy life together.

Wearing their second-hand shirts!
Wearing their second-hand shirts!

Back at the Seafarers Centre, four of the five Filipino seafarers were delighted to have a new shirt from our clothes rack – looking good guys!  They were impressed that everything was free at the Centre – apart from the Lebara top-ups!

Looking good!
Looking good!

Another visitor to the Centre wanted his picture taken by the pool table. Looking cool, but I don’t think he would get on very well at pool wearing those shades! Haha!

Family Takeaway!
Family Takeaway!


Just before my holiday it was my birthday… not any old birthday – my 60th!

So on my actual birthday (2nd July) our family got together (9 of us!) to celebrate and enjoy a Chinese takeaway together.

The space is where I was sitting and what appears to be a brick on a plate is in fact the upturned container that had my chicken fried rice and curry sauce!

HMS Hermes birthday Cake!
HMS Hermes birthday Cake!


On the Friday  evening, I had a good number of friends join me for a birthday bash – lots of good food and banter as well as some hilarity (what else?) including a wall of pictures… dunking for chocolate in a mound of floor.. and so much more.

Aged to Perfection?
Aged to Perfection?

My four kids told stories that I could not repeat!! :o) and there was an amazing birthday cake of one of the vessels I sailed on in the RN.

Finally, my wife gave me a T-shirt with a caption – it says it all.



I’ll post some more things later about the holiday…


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