The mix of life continues…IMG_4779-Search

It was a really busy week last week with some interesting times. I was out walking my dog at 0530 and was surprised to see a lot of activity around Nigg Bay. On tuning in to the local radio it soon became evident that thee was a major search underway with numerous vessels scouring the bay including the RNLI and coastguard helicopter. Sadly  the chap was not found. I was able to offer the Seafarers Centre to the Marine Accident Investigation Branch to carry out their investigations about this fisherman that had been lost overboard… two days of asking questions amidst copious cups of tea/coffee and tabnabs… This is not a criminal investigation, rather they are trying to understand what happened so that they can avoid it happening again! If only…

However, there have been happier times too…

On Saturday the Seafarers Centre joined with the rest of the third sector to parade down Union Street… great fun and a light lunch afterwards in the Seafarers Centre to replenish them for their efforts! Good fun and the weather was good too and I even had a chat with the Lord Provost!!







Mind you, it was a bit of a rush as I had to leave immediately afterwards to rush home for a shower and a change of clothes before heading out to King’s College Chapel at Aberdeen University to conduct the wedding of a lovely couple, Louise and Andrew. Such fun as you can see from the picture opposite!

I was on duty at the Centre on Sunday evening and then it was Monday – another busy day which included conducting another wedding. This time it was  my good friends, Julie and Vincent who were becoming Husband and Wife – at the Raemoir House Hotel.

There have been the usual meetings and paperwork along with several ship visits… life continues to be busy and enjoyable.

Still, it would be a dull life if we did not have some variety and in my role, thankfully, no two days are the same!

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