Oh Dear…


More sadness… a relatively young seafarer returns after his 28 day trip at sea and goes into hospital for a routine minor operation, it goes wrong and he ends up on life support. Sadly he passed away last weekend… IMG_4779-Search

Early Monday morning, whilst out walking our dog, I became aware that something was amiss. It turned out that a Ghanaian fisherman was lost overboard just off Aberdeen. The picture shows just a few of the many vessels that were involved in the  search over a wide area.

Sadly, he wasn’t found and is assumed dead.

Today, I have been assisting the Marine Accident Investigation Branch, providing a venue for them to conduct their interviews of the surviving crew members.

Also today, here in Scotland at least, I have seen posted on Facebook and other social media websites, lots and lots of pictures of children starting their first day at school. I remember my first day with fear and trembling – mainly because my older siblings told stories that chilled to the bone about what I might expect there.

Yet these are great times for the parents.

Our seafaring community do continue to brave the waters and endure the separation from family and loved ones… Many tell me of their “missed” events – first day at school, but also many birthdays and graduations, even funerals of loved ones. It is tough being a seafarer.

Many in the UK have a romantic picture of what seafaring is. This is typified in this article below:















Aye right…

Onto some more positive things…

I have been researching items to put into our Christmas Parcels for Seafarers this year. Small inexpensive items packed into a woolly hat – times 3,000!

Next month we will begin the annual wrapping sessions. Do get in touch if you fancy wrapping up some parcels – or stuffing items into woolly hats… then I will let you know when the dates are fixed.

Here is a link to a video of one volunteer who has been busy knitting woolly hats… she couldn’t get them all into one picture!

Despite the downturn, the Seafarers Centre continues to be well used. Last night we had 16 seafarers in the Centre… sadly no pictures!

IMG_4755DinoIt is good to be able to help seafarers who become unwell. Dino has been well cared for whilst in hospital after his Hernia operation by our volunteer, Marion, and will fly back home on Thursday.

I had the privilege of spending time with him and praying with him and for his family last Saturday when he was discharged from hospital to an apartment in the Douglas Hotel… he also visited the seafarers Centre yesterday.

This morning it was good to get onto the Dive Support Vessel, MV Orelia. It has been a while since I had seen my friends onboard and I met the new (to me!) Camp Boss – ex RAF…

Joji was pleased to see me as were the other crew members and I had a good chat with the Filipino lads – who had assembled in the crew mess – they had a meeting at 0700 so I thanked the Camp Boss for getting everyone together for a time of prayer… Much laughter ensued. I also chatted with the Chief Officer and the captain… before leaving to visit another vessel.

So a long day draws to an end as does this update!

What does tomorrow have in store I wonder? The ever-changing uncertainty with no two days being the same is part of what I love about my ministry to seafarers!

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