Another week slips by… it has been a good week in many ways!

After conducting a couple of weddings, I received a very generous donation for the Seafarers Centre from the BG-Group for £2,000 which is great! Many thanks to Andrew for the nomination! (As a charity, we are solely dependent on donations to keep the work going! We are always grateful for any donations – large or small… do get in touch of you would like to help!)

IMG_4801SunriseI had some interesting visits to ships this week – lots of fun and some challenging questions too – all part of the routine of port chaplaincy.

As regular readings of this blog will know, I usually walk our dog, Dillon, early in the morning and I have seen some amazing sunrises.

IMG_4799AoG-ALDI also attended the AoG Regional Area Leaders Day in Perth. this was a great day of networking and two excellent sessions from Greystone Jones.

As for tomorrow – more DIY at home!

Yet again, I say, life is never dull…

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