Well another week seems to have flown by. Lots of interesting things going on and plenty to be thankful for!

I have met several seafarers affected by the downturn/redundancies and cuts in pay… I suspect that this will be an ongoing issue! IMG_4959AtlanticQuayToday was a glorious day in Aberdeen, however there were lots of empty berths…

There have been some wonderful ship visits… and some difficult ship visits. My volunteer ship visitors continue to do a great job… and there certainly seems to be plenty to keep the Aberdeen Seafarers Centre occupied!

We had a great weekend last weekend – 36 seafarers in the centre and as can be seen from this short video clip, (Click Here) the mainly Filipino lads really enjoyed our facilities!IMG_0501FemaleCadet

In the picture opposite, sitting at the desk in the Seafarers Centre one afternoon, is a female cadet… yes, they do exist!

I was also heavily involved in resolving a difficult situation for one seafarer who accidentally washed his passport… it is a long and complicated story, but I managed to avert him being sent home and left stranded at Aberdeen Airport without the right documentation!

I was asked if I could do a scattering of ashes at sea by a lady – I was expecting it to be her husband, but it was for her! “Rumours of your demise have been greatly exaggerated,” I told her! Seriously, she was trying to organise her funeral arrangements to minimise any pain for her family.IMG_4948LaptopFault

Sadly, whilst on the subject of  dying, it would seem that my Apple Mac Pro is on its last legs. It is 3 and a half years old and there is a fault in the video card. You can see exactly what I mean in the picture opposite. Also my iPhone 5, now almost 4 years old is playing up and in need of replacing. An expenditure in the region of £2,000 will be needed. Technology is great – when it works!

IMG_4918SunshineCoffeeOn a personal level, IMG_4924Fence1it was good to relax last Saturday and enjoy a morning coffee sitting in the garden before my daughter, Naomi, painted the fence! Great work Naomi! She too has been made redundant so is available for work – although I don’t think that she is inclined to become a painter and decorator for a living!

Tomorrow I have a scattering of ashes at sea, followed by a vessel Christening and on Saturday participating in a wedding! I’m not sure that I got these in the right order?? Haha!

Well, on that note, I think I will head for bed! Enjoy your weekend!



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