Well, it has started and is going well… but we do need more help and more parcels wrapped!! 2,400… do come and join us! (More details below.)

Here are a few pictures…

Ready for action!

Ready for action, but looking bleak!

Some of the completed 600+ Parcels

Some of the completed 600+ Parcels









Happy Wrapping!

Happy Wrapping!


The first Christmas gifts will be going onboard an Emergency Response and Rescue Vessel on the 6th of November. Why, you may ask, do we put them on so early? Well, this vessel will crew change in Norway and will not be in Aberdeen again until after the 25th of December! If we do not get the present on then, then they will not get a present to open on Christmas Day!

The dates for more volunteers to pop in for a spot of parcel wrapping (or stuffing woolly hats!) are as follows:

THURSDAY 22nd October    – 1800-2200

MONDAY 26th October         – 1130-1400

TUESDAY 27th October         – 1800-2200

WEDNESDAY 28th October  – 1800-2200

You would be most welcome to join us in blessing the thousands of seafarers that visit Aberdeen Harbour during the Christmas season!

As ever, plenty of other things have been happening… away from the centre and in it!

I spent weekend in London conducting the wedding of an old friend’s son. Great fun and I think they enjoyed it too!! :o)









The Seafarer Centre doesn’t just get foreign seafarers visiting… we do get some UK seafarers as well.

In the picture opposite the captain on a vessel that sails out of Aberdeen was busy playing pool… a nice way to relax and unwind…

The services we offer – for free – are greatly appreciated by all seafarers from all around the world!

The centre exists to bless the seafarers and it would not exist without the generous support of numerous companies, Churches and individuals… each donation is used in Aberdeen for the benefit of seafarers and we keep our running costs to a minimum!

Apart from the monetary donations, we greatly value the support of our many volunteers. They do a great job in keeping the seafarers Centre open every evening and making each visitor to the Centre feel welcomed and able to relax and enjoy our various services.

Enough for me this week…




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