…and I just keep rolling along… (be thankful that you cannot hear me singing this song!)

Well, not quite! I am travelling on a waggon of sorts – Virgin East Coast Trains in fact, having left Aberdeen at 0752 and travelling to London Kings Cross.

I am heading down south to conduct a wedding service of a friend, the son of a couple who were part of the Church I pastored in the early 1990’s!

Lunch onboard… fish cake and salad – and I even ate the salad!!








Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

I have had a series of visitors to the centre including several seafarers who are out of work. Two volunteers, one who keeps my accounts in order, the other doing a morning of ship visits! I have also met with two company directors and had several “casual” visitors during the day and I also met with a potential new volunteer to help me with my administration tasks!!

We have been dealing with a Filipino seafarer who had a heart attack. Thankfully the vessel was in port and he got prompt medical attention, but is still in hospital receiving further medical tests. He is on the road to recovery, but this is not helped when well-meaning “advisors” tell him that he should get compensation… not the case and does nothing to keep him calm! Thankfully our experienced hospital visitor has given him the correct information and support, including free Lebara top-ups to call home along with the usual toiletries, magazines, snacks etc…

IMG_5027BicyclesI was contacted last week about the possibility of receiving a donation from the Seven Atlantic… they were renewing the four bicycles that they use to go ashore and wondered if we would be interested in having them? They had been serviced and were fully working. I agreed that this would be helpful and I was confident that I could pass them on to some cargo vessels that visit Aberdeen regularly. I took delivery of them on Thursday… they will certainly be welcomed by the vessels they end up on…

On Wednesday, two film crews were in the harbour… sadly, not another series of “The Harbour,” rather one was filming for Newsnight – TV News program about current affairs and asking for opinions on whether the Labour Party would make an impact on the SNP. I don’t think they would be interested in my views… The second I was involved in and that was the students of the North East of Scotland College who are doing a promotional DVD on behalf of the Merchant Navy Welfare Board’s North East Port Welfare Committee. Phew, that was a bit of a mouthful!! :o)

Anyway, I am sure it will help to raise the profile of the Maritime community and the provision of welfare services to all seafarers which is why Aberdeen Seafarers Centre exists.

And finally, just a final reminder that the annual Christmas parcel wrapping commences next Monday (19th) See the previous post for full details!

So I best close for now – I have a wedding to prepare for.

I trust that your weekend will be as enjoyable as mine!!


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