The End is Nigh!!


Yes, it is true… the end is nigh!!

No, don’t panic, the Second Coming isn’t happening (to the best of my  knowledge at least!) today.

What is happening is that tonight between 1800-2200 at the Seafarers Centre on Market Street, Aberdeen, AB11 5PQ will be the last evening to wrap presents for seafarers!!

You are most welcome to come along and help!

A sincere thank you to those who have already helped during the past two weeks of wrapping – see previous posts and below for pictures of  some of the volunteers involved in this great project to bless those far from home and from their families and loved ones this Christmas.

Happy Christmas to all – it isn’t that far away and the first parcels will go on the vessels on the 6th of November – which is why we need to start wrapping so early!

Then of course on Christmas day it is out on the vessels to deliver a bit of cheer to those onboard for Christmas.

IMG_5122-JimmyI was visiting vessels as well – my passion and joy – especially when you meet up with old friends like Jimmy the cook on the Bibby Sapphire. I first met Jimmy way back in 2001 when I made the mistake of saying that I like cheesecake! Ever since, I have been “forced” to partake on my visits to his vessels. However on my visit yesterday, there was no cheesecake nor any tabnabs! I took great delight in teasing him about it – and he retorted, where is my white blazer? He has been asking me for one for well over 10 years now. “Still living,” he jokes? Yes, he is still living and wearing his white blazer! If anyone would like to donate their old white blazer…  :o) – do get in touch!

And a couple of wrapping pictures:







Have a great day!

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