Again the week slips away…

Having reached 60 years young, the time just seems to slip by ever quicker. Juggling family life (Walking the dog, cooking, taxi for Byron, etc… and of course the ongoing DIY) with work life is not getting any easier.

So much has happened this week… lots of good things and whilst I would like to share everything, I will save you from that tedium!

Sunday was my son Neil’s birthday – always fun to have everyone around – although Phil was in Switzerland doing some teaching and Byron was at respite. Roast pork – yummy…

Monday I had the usual busy day and, as the week went on, it just seemed to get busier and busier.

Now compare that with the life of your average seafarer. There is much routine with the same old same old happening. This is especially true of those sailing deep sea – spending 10-20 days at a time just ploughing through an empty wilderness. Communications are limited and you have the same few people to chat with.

They also have to face long periods of separation from family and loved ones.

Going ashore can be dangerous and expensive, using up valuable money – money that many go to sea to enhance their family life back home.

This is why we have a Seafarers Centre here in Aberdeen with ALL its facilities FREE to seafarers. We also give practical support to seafarers who are finding life tough… these past few weeks have seen me doing much more pastoral counselling of those affected by the downturn in the industry.

The Seafarers Centre of course does not run itself and I am grateful for the many volunteers who give so willingly of their time and talents to support me in supporting seafarers. (More volunteers are always welcome!)

On Tuesday we had a meeting of trustees. Helpful in guiding the ongoing ministry of the Centre to bring blessing to seafarers. These trustees do a marvelous job of  overseeing what goes on here.

Finally, I have to mention that taboo subject – CHRISTMAS!

Yes, I know it is way too early, but we have to wrap 3,000 individual presents to give out to visiting seafarers to Aberdeen and we start the distribution in November!

I will be posting again with specific dates, but each year we have a group of volunteers come down to the Seafarers Centre to wrap up the presents.

In each present there are a variety of items, all placed inside a Woolly Hat!

If you feel that you cannot wrap presents, we do need folks to put the items inside the woolly hats and then there is a lot of Christmas wrapping paper that needs to be cut up…

We provide everything and there are always plenty of tea/coffee/juice/chilled water and tab-nabs!

Do get in touch if you want more information!

Have a great weekend.

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