It has been a great week – lots of fun and little sadness!

I guess as we approach the 25th, folks are looking forward to a time to relax and enjoy time with family and friends. That is a good thing!

Ferry-Woolly-HatsIn my last post, I mentioned getting some woolly hats – well, here is the picture to prove it! Yours truly receiving 40 hats from Sheila Hope ( MPS ). Sheila arranged for residents from Turfhill Court and ladies from  New Deer to knit hats for the Seafarers Centre. We are always on the lookout for ‘knitters’…

A sincere thanks to all our faithful knitters… they come from all over the country and even overseas!!

IMG_5499-Rhoon-CThe distribution of Christmas gifts continues and I was able to leave 7 parcels on a general cargo vessel – placed by the Polish Captain in the doorway into the accommodation. “I’m so sorry, no time to invite you in for a coffee – perhaps next time?” the captain said to me, then he rushed off to get the vessel ready to sail… As you can see this Netherlands Flagged vessel was immaculately clean and the crew all seemed happy and worked well together. We’ll chat next year I told him! IMG_5498-JACQUELINE-C

The previous Day I visited the Jaqueline C and the seafarer in the picture opposite was indeed happy to get some Christmas Gifts before they sailed at 0430 this morning! The Rhoon C sailed at 1415 today having just arrived at 2222 the evening before! It is a tight schedule that they run on – gone are the 3-6 day stays in port that I knew when I was at sea.

It has been another good week with more donations arriving which is  most welcome. We have a huge task before us and whilst we offer all our services free to every seafarer that visits, it all costs money. The donations from various companies, Churches, and individuals all add up to enable me and my team of volunteers to continue to bless the thousands of seafarers that visit Aberdeen every year.IMG_5502-Boxes

I have seen just two seafarers this week for counselling – is the pain over? I doubt it.

Finally, we have received more items for next year’s Christmas parcels! As can be seen in the picture opposite, poor Colin was trying to do my accounts on the PC whilst surrounded by boxes ably moved by Derek downstairs to our storage area. These came from Blytheswood – much appreciated! I suspect that the seafarers will get a really good Christmas parcel next year! Haha!

One week tomorrow is Christmas Eve – I suspect that it will be a busy week, but I am really looking forward to blessing the folks in port with a visit from Santa Chaplain!


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