It never rains, but it pours!!


This post was meant to have been posted in November…

Here it is!

The bad weather forecast with storm Abigail makes us scurry around worrying how it will affect us and rightly so!

What about the 1,2 million seafarers who sail the seas and face rough seas more than you would imagine!

Have a look at this little clip of calm seas… and see if you fancy a career at sea! (click on the picture)

Certainly it can be rough and one captain told me of how he had only spent 4 nights in his bunk over the 28 day trip… it was too rough and he would have been tossed out of his bunk if he tried to sleep in his bunk. Fancy a go?

No, I am not being melodramatic – it really is a scary place at times.

I had a great meeting with Morven MacKenzie of 46 Degrees… looking forward to working together in the near future on some events…

Meanwhile, whilst conducting a routine visit to a retired seafarer, I discover that he has bowel cancer and I spend time with him coming to terms with the news…

We were blessed to receive a donation of over 100 woolly hats along with a cheque for £250 – that was gift aided too! Thank you most sincerely – you know who you are!

As I said, this should have been posted last month… I will update again tomorrow…

Time for some sleep!


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