It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…


Well we are just over two weeks from celebrating the birth of Christ. Sorry, but that is what we celebrate Christmas for!

It is a time of joy as good news has come to all the world. I will refrain from quoting scripture verses – there are a lot of them  – but we do have a reason to celebrate.

At the Seafarers Centre we continue to serve our seafarers. Much going in, but it is also a great time when we can bless others and share the abundance that we have with those who have not.

Oh I am not suggesting that seafarers are ‘poor’ financially, rather they are poor because they will be at sea whilst we enjoy special times with our family and friends, hopefully exchanging gifts and eating well.

NativitySometimes I wonder at the exploitation of this season and I think we need to simplify our celebrations. I liked the picture opposite – a budget nativity display! Some folks can be very inventive! ;o) Look carefully at it… all the main characters are there apart from the wise men!

There have been a number of gifts received at the Seafarers Centre – cheques for the following amounts were received: £100; £300; £300; £500, £1,500… They came in that order and I like the growth! :o)

Of course, it is a two-way process and we have been able to bless our seafarers with gifts – some 1,500 already gone out – they are individual presents for the various crews from around the world to open up on Christmas day!

We were also able to give 256 gifts to the Norwegian Seaman’s Church for their distribution amongst Norwegian vessels in Peterhead!!

pooltableAfter receiving a grant from the Merchant Navy Welfare Board (and a donation from one individual) we were able to have our two pool tables recovered. They are now ready for their usual heavy use in 2016!

Personally, I also had two gifts. Two sets of mugs! Slightly worried that folks think I only drink tea/coffee!! A sincere thanks for your kindness to me.

See pictures below:









I best close for now. Enjoy your weekend and if I can be of any assistance to you, please do get in touch!






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