P&J Saturday 3rd Dec. '15

P&J Saturday 5th Dec. ’15

Well, it was a busy Saturday!

Appearing in the local press – see picture and story opposite!

Then having a great day with the Christening of the MV NOR Solan followed by an excellent evening at the Maritime Museum… what a fun night that was!

Sunday was spoiled by a visit to the vets – Dillon wasn’t well (and still isn’t!) which messed my plans somewhat.

Today, back in the office at 0815 and a busy morning with Debbie, helping me getting my administration sorted – aided and abetted by Ean – a great team! We are getting there.

I collected some woolly hats from an employee of Northlink Ferries – some ladies from New Deer had knitted them.

After lunch, I spent the afternoon setting up our new printer. I remember the days when you took it out the box, connected it to your computer and switched it on and it worked!

I have had to download drivers and find out how to scan to PC – best I can come up with is a 5 stage scan… there has to be an easier way??? Any experts who have a spare few hours (days!) please do get in touch! :o)  Anyway, thankful for the gift….

Hope that your day is going well?



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