I have had a busy time since I last updated this webpage…

I was called by a good friend of mine – a seafarer whom I had chatted with a few weeks previous when he was joining his vessel… and now this time it was under somewhat different circumstances!

Injured Seafarer

An Injured Seafarer

It transpired that he had been injured at sea when the ship encountered some heavy seas… and despite hanging on for grim life, was unable to hold on and was ‘tossed across the deck’ resulting in a head injury. We chatted over a coffee and I joked that it was a good job it was his head that took a bashing – nothing in there to get damaged is there? He laughed along with me!

After being checked over by a doctor and an overnight stay in a local hotel, he travelled home on Saturday. Yes, the North Sea is a dangerous place to work! I take my hat off to one and all who serve on the many vessels operating there in what can be very challenging environments!

On a personal level, my youngest son achieved a lifetime’s ambition on Friday… but I am not allowed to say what online… Go figure – our PC world strikes again!

Saturday was spent stripping wallpaper and plastering – very soothing!

Sunday was Church and a great message from Thomas Matthew (you can listen by clicking here) and of course, family time with the gang here! I made a mean chicken and leak pie  – all 8 plates were empty afterwards too!

A crowded room!

Today was a good day, despite dealing with administrative matters in the morning, visiting the RNMDSF superintendent, Mike Sandison – well it was his 62nd birthday!! I then met with the past Lord Provost of Aberdeen before I headed up to Peterhead where I was speaking at Peterhead Old Kirk Senior Fellowship – great fun and lots of laughter too! There was a good crowd there and they seemed to enjoy my talk…

On my return from Peterhead it was straight back to the Centre for a spot of tea – aka microwaved shepherd’s pie before I opened up the Seafarers Centre. Yep, I was on duty!

A good evening and I even managed to fit in a meeting with a young couple whose wedding I will be conducting in March.

Back home now and updating the website… It’s been a fun day. Time for bed – after I do the Newspapers for my ships… :o)


  1. David McLean Reply

    Doing a great job Howard.
    God bless ?

  2. John and Pat Lord Reply

    Great work Howard. Yes the North sea can be treacherous. I think of all the seas I sailed there was not one that could be called calm they all had their moments. We are so pleased that the work is going well up in Aberdeen and environs. I am not able to go with Dave at the moment as I had a bad time with Sciatica and we will have to see if I am covered by our mission insurance. We have got our Haggis on stand by. Every Blessing to you and family. John and Pat.

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