However, it didn’t stop the British Prime Minister visiting Aberdeen and walking along the quayside – without safety glasses or steel toe-capped shoes/boots!

P-9573a51b-653c-4adb-9633-26dfe53a2137-660x496 Of course, it was good that he left Westminster and saw for himself the plight of the Oil and Gas sector… Sadly, a visit to the seafarers centre was not on his agenda – otherwise he would have been given a different story from me and the struggles of thousands of British seafarers who have lost their jobs!

To be fair, he is trying… but as my wife says of me, “Oh yes, he is trying – very trying!!”

I did promise a more upbeat post this time round, so let me leave politics for now and share what else has been going on in and around the port and at home…

IMG_5668-X-BoxAmongst the facilities at the Seafarers Centre is our X-box – kindly donated to the Centre – and it is all set up ready to go, complete with comfy chairs!

It was suggested that we run a league with folks registering their highest score… but not sure yet what that would look like – anyone fancy taking this on as a project???  We could also do the same for the two pool tables – again, open to volunteers to guide this along…

Our reception computer uses Open Office – Microsoft Office suites are very expensive, but we are getting lots of compatibility issues trying to transfer/open documents, which is leading to a lot of frustration and wasted time, so I though, I will see if I can blag a copy from Microsoft… You’ll be amazed to know that I did just that! I have been given by Microsoft the full MS Office Professional Plus for an admin fee (£35) – because we are a charity!! Wonderful! God is good! I just need to install it!  I was also gifted an old laptop  – this was earmarked for Colin, our volunteer who is keeping track of my accounts to use, but turns out it is an Windows XP and doesn’t support the new software. If anyone has a reasonably modern laptop sitting around – I know  a good use for it! :o)

I’ve had some cracking ship visits and really enjoyed my time onboard! One captain said that he hadn’t seen me in a while – have a coffee and a chat… one and a half hours later… On another vessel, a seafarer told me of his problems and I promised to pray…  and on several others there was much laughter amidst the gloom… and so much more… IMG_5681PamelaFarr

We had a visitor from Pamela Farr who is doing her ‘Bronze Discovery Award’ by knitting woolly hats which she brought, individually wrapped woolly hats. Many thanks Pamela!

Koos, my retired seafaring Captain has been in hospital all week… I have been in to see him several times this week and he is doing well. On my first visit, I was shocked to hear the chap from the next bed say to me, “So you’re not talking to me then?” Turns out it was another Captain… so a fair bit of hilarity ensued… I felt for the nurses and they no doubt shared a few stories together… Koos will hopefully get home next week, whilst the other Captain went home on Wednesday…


Meanwhile, the redecoration of our house continues… IMG_5643Plastering1I have had to do a fair bit of plastering after stripping the wallpaper off, replacing big chunks of Lathe & Plaster and now it is time to begin the process of putting it all back together again! So I have, with the help of my youngest son, wallpapered the bedroom last weekend. During the week I have been preparing each evening the doors and surrounds then painted all the doors – second coat was finished yesterday. Today, once I post this, I will paint the ceiling and then the walls in the afternoon!

I best close for now!




  1. Caroline Traa Reply

    You do an amazing job Howard D. Shall be dropping in for a cuppa soon! Caroline x

    • Seachaplain Reply

      Always welcome Caroline… but do call first as I am usually out and about… 🙂

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