It has been a full on day, but that is nothing unusual!IMG_5701-MugFS-Cygnus

Lots of administration as ever, but it was also good to have Charlie back from his almost 3 month holiday in New Zealand and doing his Book Library exchanges! If any vessels would like a book swap, do get in touch!

Also had a great visit with an old friend on a vessel – we sorted out the shipping industry, but stopped short of fixing the world! Great banter and a generous donation to the Seafarers Centre too. Best of all was the cup of tea – in a special mug… I’m saying no more…

IMG_5707Rey&NewVolunteerI was on duty at the seafarers Centre tonight with our newest volunteer – Francesca from Italy! She really enjoyed her first night, and whilst it wasn’t as busy as last night, it is quality not quantity that counts! Here she is chatting with Rey – an old friend of mine and cook on the Havila Crusader. He was  delighted to discuss Italian cooking with her as he worked in an Italian restaurant many years ago and also one of his vessels dry docked in Genoa and he picked up lots of tips when there!  IMG_5709-ReyOurDB

Rey is a fine Christian and he was delighted to have the opportunity to chat with Francesca, but also was delighted to get some daily Bible reading notes to encourage him during his time onboard.

It is a sad fact that many folks here in the UK have the freedom to worship, but choose not to, whilst many Christians like Rey would love to worship, but cannot! The things we take for granted…

IMG_5704-ColdIndianAnd one more picture, this Indian chap spent over 2 hours on his mobile using our wi-fi. He wa so happy to be able to do so for free. “Things are hard and money is tight. Without your Seafarers Centre I would struggle to contact home,” he said. He sat all night wearing his heavy jacket and balaclava! Must be feeling the cold?

So on to tomorrow – what will it bring? Who knows…

The journey continues!!


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