A month has almost gone…


Well I am amazed that it has almost been a month since I last updated my web page… I’m not going to beat myself up about it – it’s life and it’s busy and well, I am happy to be active in many ways… however, I am not going to feel bad about something as unimportant as updating a web page!

So the month has been fun, challenging and yet more of the same, with the odd exceptions…

We had a great volunteers evening in February where 21 volunteers came down to the Centre for a fish supper (or something else from the excellent ASHVALE fish and chip shop) – it was a yummy feast as ever! Not all volunteers man the centre in the evening so they met with accountants, admin, etc folks as well! They also had the opportunity to mix with some seafarers – Sadly, no pictures – next time! I also showed them our Volunteer Information Folder that outlines everything that goes on at the Centre and is a major work that was long overdue and grateful thanks to Debbie for her sterling work on pulling everything together! If you would like to see a copy – just fire me an email!IMG_5713CanofMeat

The ship visits have continued and my team of ship visitors have ensured that those seafarers who visit Aberdeen get a friendly welcome and the support that they may need – even down to a tin of meat given to the crew of a cargo vessel that didn’t have much…

There have been some new vessels to post and later this month I will be Christening another vessel for Sentinel Marine.

However, the overwhelming mood on the vessels is one of gloom. (And that is not because of my bad jokes – honest!) The downturn has indeed bitten and looks like continuing into 2017 if not 2018. Only time will tell. Redundancies certainly continue… We had 22 seafarers in on a few evenings in February and have been relatively busy – long may it continue.

After the best part of two and a half years, I finally have managed to get a Chaplain’s Account opened with the RBS. I still have not be able to activate online banking yet – more forms to fill and submit and even more delays!

IMG_5743NorthfieldI was invited to speak at the Northfield Guild meeting and had a great time sharing about the work – and received woolly hats from them. One of our volunteers, Marion, also attended and was able to answer some of their questions. I am always happy to come and share with your group just get in touch!

Afterwards I visited a lovely lady of 94 who had knitted yet more woolly hats – she told me that she goes into town every day – to keep active! Well it obviously worked she looked about 60 to me!

IMG_5766DavidInsulationOn the home front, more work continues… I filled 25 black bags of weeds (just another 150 to go!) and took our old sofa to the skip with the help of Derek and my son David. We also picked up 4 leather recliner seats and a settee second-hand from a friend – thank you! IMG_5767InsulationIn the afternoon, David and I fitted insulation boards to the bedroom gable end wall. In the evening we had the whole family round to enjoy food and relax – except for me who spent 2 hours tidying the kitchen afterwards! Haha!

Mind you it was not all plain sailing. We employed a company to install a new back door… and it went all wrong with them ordering the wrong size of door… IMG_5755BackDoorwe are awaiting delivery of the replacement door, but the joiner(?) had taken out our old door before he realised that the new one was too big! He took a chunk of upright wood surround and then discovered that the door opened the wrong way round! Personally, I would have checked the new door before I started removing the old one. Two weeks down… and all we have is a tarpaulin… Oh, and any would be burglars out there, we have a second interior door that is locked!

Life continues and there  is much to be thankful for. Hopefully I will update you quicker next time. Meanwhile, have a great weekend,

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  1. Irene Anderson

    Howard nowl the light nights are arriving more than happy to co
    Evans volunteer in evenings. Remember I’ve met you before and I wasn’t happy standing about in dark to get bus home after finished at night, please let me know x

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