Big News!!

Did you read the British press, listened to the news on radio or watched the news on TV yesterday ?

Calamity of calamities!

Tata’s Move Plunges PM Into Industrial Crisis


Another headline:

Tata’s UK steel plants could be nationalised as government explores ‘all options’ to save 15,000 jobs


What do the UK government plan to do to save the almost 23,000 seafarers in the UK?

Why is the plight of thousands of seafarers not making the news AT ALL! Who is stepping in to help the thousands already made redundant and those under continual threat of redundancy?

According to the Department of Transport, the total number of UK seafarers active at sea in 2013 is estimated to have been 22,830.

Much needs doing… and I will continue to shout about it – although to be honest, it has fallen on deaf ears thus far!

I could say so much more, but I will continue to lobby relevant individuals and groups to see if we can muster some support for our British seafarers.

However, this is NOT an attack on seafarers from other countries… they simply apply for jobs with, relative to their own countries standards, very high salaries! Would I work in the Philippines for 7 times what I am paid here? Yes, of course, however there are wider issues of competency, safety and  I could go on…

So Prime Minister Cameron, Transport Secretary, The Rt Hon Patrick McLoughlin, local MP’s, Nautical Charities, and the local communities, all of us depend on seafarers to bring the 95% of goods that we consume to this island, but what will you do?   Indifference will cost us dearly – it is time to act – or we will not have a merchant navy manned by British officers and ratings.

Whilst the Aberdeen Seafarers Centre continues to be well used, pastoral needs met and seafarers from all over the world blessed, we need action from those of influence. We need our politicians to act – not for headlines; not to gain votes for the Britex referendum!

Save Our Seafarers Jobs!

Wake up please!

The End!

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  1. Peter Tipping Reply

    Bang on Howard .
    I’ve been shouting for 30 years and very little response . We are a maritime nation so why won’t government listen to our plight .

    Keep up the good work and God bless

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