Well we are at the start of a new week… the past week has flown by and there have been plenty of things going on… including preparations for a wedding; scattering of ashes; Meeting with local MP, attending a Dinner Dance and the Christening of a new vessel – as well as the routine day-to-day things that eats my time up! All part of the variety that makes this the most rewarding of ministries which I love!

Some pictures…


The Christening of the Lundy Sentinel was a happy occasion. In the midst of the current downturn, it is refreshing to see a new-build and this one is the third of four new vessels for Sentinel Marine.

Those of you interested in more information about the vessel can find out more by clicking this link:

Lundy Setinel


Sadly, it has been quiet in the port with too many empty quays as can be seen in the picture opposite.

Obviously the current low price of oil does mean that this is likely to continue for most of this year and possibly into the following year. One analyst said the price would need to rise to a steady $60 a barrel before charter rates get back to sensible levels and exploration may then recommence! Only time will tell on that front!

IMG_5862NIddI also had a great evening at the annual Nautical Institute’s Master Mariners dinner/dance at the Westhill Hilton on Saturday evening. Yes, it is a tough life, but someone has to do it! A fabulous setting with good food and great networking.

IMG_5867NIpork IMG_5869NIRaffle2 IMG_5870NIRaffle










I even won THREE raffle prizes! Pictured opposite is my first win… I actually won three prizes, but gave the second and third back and donated the one pictured to a good friend who will remain nameless to protect the guilty! Haha!


The funds raised will be used to support local seafaring charities, Aberdeen Seafarers Centre being one of them!

I was only there to say grace… and tell a few jokes to get the ball rolling!!


On Sunday, on my way home from Church, I popped into the harbour to visit the BBC Maple Lea and offer the usual services to the crew of Russian, Ukrainian and Filipino lads. They visited the Seafarers Centre later that evening and the cadet was foolish enough to play pool with Charlie – and receive 9 straight defeats! I did say to Charlie that he might have let him win one game before he headed back to the ship! IMG_5839-2WH

IMG_5838-1WHBut of course, the one item that is most often requested is the much loved woolly hats that all seafarers wear with pride!

They really are a great blessing to all who get them – around 6,000 every year!

And finally, the continuing redundancies mean that there is a general feeling of apprehension amongst seafarers, yet their visits to the Seafarers Centre brings a time of light relief and great laughter. Do we still need a seafarers Centre? Well ask those who visit the centre… and come back again and again!

You can see a few comments by clicking this link: Seafarers Comments

Yes, there are concerns out there, things are tight, but we continue to bless ALL seafarers from around the world and count it a privilege and joy to do so!

We are always grateful for the support we receive, from individuals, Churches, organizations and companies. Please continue to remember us in these difficult days – we need your support so that we can pass on your generosity to the thousands of seafarers visiting Aberdeen each year! Whilst monetary gifts are great, we also need second hand (but we also take new!!) warm clothes, toiletries, suitcases, backpacks, and paperback books are most welcome.

They can be dropped off at the seafarers Centre any evening – we are open between 1800-2200 and have a car park at the rear off Palmerston Road.

Have a great week!



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