It’s Tuesday…


Well I actually started this post yesterday and have had to amend the title… It was going to be called “It’s Monday… again! However, it has been a busy week and I ran out of time to finish it…


We continue to have donations of woolly hats  – too many to mention individually, but these 5 black bags full of goodies arrived last week… Many thanks to all who so generously knit them…IMG_5898ShC

We also had some very nice sports jackets donated which went very quickly… These Filipino lads were happy to have some clothes!


The larger Diving Support Vessels do not come to Aberdeen as often as they use to, but it was good to see the Seven Atlantic arrive – and to be here for around a week.


I had a good catch-up with some of my friends from the galley – Pictured opposite. I only had a cup of tea with them – honest!

However, as I left I saw the poster about Dennis, the cook who died unexpectedly last month. I put a donation in the box for his widow…







I was invited to attended a gathering in the Chester hotel of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers last Friday – it was a good evening and networking opportunity!


I was to be back at the same hotel the following afternoon to conduct a wedding! Fun times!

Of course, there is a ‘down side’ to this ministry – when I am dealing with those who have died. So last Thursday afternoon I went out on the Pilot boat with the Harbour Master to the fairway buoy to conduct a scattering of ashes service for the a  VTS officer who died after a short illness and his wife’s mother and father’s ashes as well. It was a moving time saying farewell to loved ones and my heart goes out to all  concerned.

IMG_0947PoolOn Monday afternoon we had several Filipino lads come into the centre who were playing pool. The tables had been recovered last year and they are very popular with our visitors!


On a personal front, the house continues to keep me busy…


Our loft emptied of all the junk and then all old floorboard removed – aided by my son, David and two trips to the local skip! It was very tiring.

Then it was filled with two layers of insulation…Loft6

As you can see, it was quite thick! It certainly did help to warm up the house!!

However, I still had to floor the loft and so I ordered the items from B&Q who got the delivery all wrong which was somewhat frustrating! Then when they did come with the delivery – it was the Peterhead driver (33 miles north of Aberdeen)  who turned out to be an ex Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm chap so we got on well and he told me about their Facebook page! IMG_5927LoftFloor

Anyway, I got help from Joe – actually, to be truthful, he did all the hard graft, I just passed the boards/stilts/screws…  A work in progress… soon to be completed – when we finish off around the hatch! Happy days!IMG_5930Loft-8

The next job is to put everything back up into the now floored loft!

Our house is getting there, but there always seems to be one more job on the horizon – including the assembly of the Ikea fitted wardrobe – it is 4 metres wide and 2.36 metres high!! That should keep me busy over the Easter weekend!

Back at work this morning and definitely no pictures for this! I went in early at 0645 and as soon as I entered the main room I could smell an “off-smell!” When I went through to the reception it became worse and after going  through 3 more door to the basement the smell was unbearable. Yep, when I opened the lady’s toilet, there it was the evidence that I didn’t need. The toilet bowl had overflowed with poop! Seriously, ladies!!! So I sent two plus hours cleaning it up. Being in the basement, it needs a macerator and pump to get everything up to street level… it was blocked with hygiene products… one word – disgusting! This was definitely NOT in my job description!!

I guess things can only get better!! :o)

Hope that you have had a good week so far.

Best wishes,

Howard ><>


2 thoughts on “It’s Tuesday…

  1. Hi Howard, glad to see your loft insulated, you are certainly in colder climes up there! macerators are fussy things at the best of times (are these industrial units?) and l assume there are notices up saying “please do not put . . . . . . In the toilet”
    Have there been any more programmes on BBC Scotland on the Centre or Aberdeen?
    I have now ‘retired’ completely from the Society (I had been an ‘Honorary chaplain’ since our redundancy, did a Creationfest Support at Wadebridge Cornwall, and even when l offered help for ships in situations in Cornwall was told not needed, or to let MtoS deal as it was their patch-!! I felt that any inclusion was purely ‘nominal’ and for publicity purposes rather than practical support for seafarers and being busy being granddad and doing outreach in the church decided to leave) The Society seems to be employing an awful lot of fundraisers and l wonder to what purpose.

    • Seachaplain

      Indeed Bill, signs are in place and they are industrial units.
      I’ll email you directly re chaplaincy…
      Thanks for your prayers and encouragement.
      Enjoy ‘granddad’ duties!! :o)
      Howard ><>

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