Bank Holiday? What bank holiday? Seafarers don’t get Bank holidays and miss many ‘public holidays’ every year! They give up a lot for our benefit and so often we take them for granted! They work long hours, spend many months away from family and friends and do a great job!

I don’t mind working a Bank Holiday, after all when you enjoy what you do, every day is a holiday!

Derek and Lynne, two of my ship visitor volunteers, did a splendid job this morning whilst I dealt with administration and a meeting, then I had the accountant in – now there is something that would drive me insane! Thankfully I am not going to jail!

I remember my colleague Murray Campbell, way back in 2001 when I first muted the possibility of a Seafarers Centre, telling me that it would mean more work and be a headache! In many ways he was right, but at the end of the day, it is what the seafarers need and not about how easy I can make my life!

The chaplain hard at 'work!'

The chaplain hard at ‘work!’

Well today I replaced 4 fluorescent lights, followed by a repair to the Pool Table. The mechanism to release the balls had jammed. Now fixed!!

As Murray said, it does complicate things. I have to do most things around the Centre! That said, we do have one volunteer who, on a monthly basis, does the odd job around the Centre. If you are a DIY person, we would happily make use of your skills – do get in touch…

I have made a couple of calls to seafarers who are going through difficulties – supporting them is every bit as important as visiting the vessels… They need pastoral support and chatting to a friend is always a help!

Obviously, I have done more than just that, the paperwork and other ‘mundane tasks’ are an ever-present ‘thorn in the flesh!’

Anyway, I’ve a few seafarers in so I best get off here and go and chat with them!!

Hope you have a great Bank Holiday, I have!



A quick update:

Well we had 25visitors to the Seafarers Centre yesterday… including a female second officer who was a dab hand at pool! I did feel for her as she told me how her husband is on a container vessel and works longer trips than she does! It must be tough being at sea. “That is life for us seafarers,” she told me.

A couple of pictures I took:

IMG_6299Centre1 IMG_6302Centre2

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