Just another day…

It is never dull in the life of a port chaplain… ask any of us – there is always something new going on!
Sadly, this time it was not such good news. A vessel was detained in Aberdeen yesterday… you can read a bit here:
I visited the vessel several times today and sought to support the crew – giving them 15 x £5 top-up vouchers so that they could contact their families back home. We also had the Seafarers Centre open this afternoon so that folks could make use of our superfast wi-fi… Communication is key during such times – to reassure the family back home and to raise the morale of the crew. It may not seem much, but ask the lads onboard and they will tell you how much it is appreciated.
I’ll not go into too much detail here, but I will say that I was very appreciative of the support offered to the crew – a CEO of one shipping company offering to send a supply of food stores so that the crew would have food, another employee of ASCO offering to help get some supplies and numerous other offers of help.

I also had a seafarer in hospital and another medevaced to hospital from Lerwick… as well as visiting other ships… so another quiet day then!

Let’s hope for a quieter day tomorrow, but I’m not holding my breath! :o)

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