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Well I thought that heading might catch your eye! Perspective is important. Look at the headlines in any newspaper… Rarely, if ever, does it say good things! It seems that bad news grabs the attention of the public so much more than good news!

Sadly, people seem to be drawn to bad news. Well, in the life of Aberdeen Seafarers Centre, there is Bad News!

Or is it Good News?  You can decide, but first an update of what has been going on these past two weeks…


Do I suit this hat??

Do I suit this hat??

Looking cool?

Looking cool?

Our most popular ‘take away free’ items are the Woolly hats (see above pictures) which folks from all over the UK knit for seafarers!!

They do a brilliant job of giving us a regular supply of these most valuable items.

We receive approximately 6,000 of these every year and each one carefully knitted by an individual. And a game of pool too...I do write Thank You letters – but not everyone leaves a note with name and address on it! So if that is you – consider yourself well and truly thanked!

The guys also enjoy playing a few games of pool – with a lot of hilarity ensuing!

If you have visited any shops recently, you will have seen plenty of advertising for that special time of your… yes, we are heading towards Christmas!

The Centre and it’s team of volunteers have been busy – with some 3000 parcels to wrap… and it has already started! Here are just a few pictures:

Stuffing the woolly hats!

Stuffing the woolly hats!

A few 'wrappers!'

A few ‘wrappers!’

parcels Moira from Genesis-Personnel with some 'stuffed' woolly hats

Moira from Genesis Personnel with some ‘stuffed’ woolly hats

Christmas Wrapping Paper dress... Don't ask! Thanks Mari-Anne :o)

Christmas Wrapping Paper dress… Don’t ask! Thanks Mari-Anne :o)

Ean counting the parcels

Ean counting the parcels

It has been fun so far… Why don’t you plan to join us on Thursday (6th Oct) either between 1100 and 1400 or 1800 and 2200. Come for 1/2 an hour or for the full time… Just let me know that you are coming so that I have enough snacks to go round!


There have been the routine things happening – visiting retired seafarers at home and meetings, but most of all, ship visits!

Bob looking at his picture in the Telegraph

Bob looking at his picture in the Telegraph

One of our volunteers is a survivor of the Arctic Convoys in WWII. He along with another of our volunteers made the journey to the port of Arkhangelsk, Russia – 75 years to the day since Britain’s first Arctic Convoy. A very proud moment for him and all who survived the horrors of that time.

Whilst there have been sad stories and funny ones, personal things shared and comfort given… the rich tapestry of ministry given from our Seafarers Centre continues to bless the many seafarers who visit the port of Aberdeen. We are grateful to all our supporters – both corporate and individuals who contribute to the ongoing costs of providing this service to all seafarers, irrespective of race or religion, for free!

We have had our annual Fire Marshals Training – completed successfully by our volunteers with certificates to follow.

Some of the home bakes!!

Some of the home bakes!!

Our Administrator is settling in well to her new role and we have seen things begin to take on a more organised feel. Rotas, databases and many other run of the mill items getting done.

We sponsored a MacMillan Coffee Morning at the Seafarers Centre – great fun and I didn’t eat too many cakes – honest!!

Finally, the bad news – or good news? That’s up to you to decide…

I plan to go on holiday next week – with more DIY planned!!!!

But is this bad news or good news?

From the perspective of our family, it is good news and hopefully, from the volunteers perspective, it is also good news.

So who is it bad news for? Well that is for others to decide, but I am looking forward to a break after what has been a very busy September.

I hope all is well with you and that you have plenty of good news to be thankful for!


Howard ><>









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  1. John Lord Reply

    A very busy time for you Howard. Look forward to your newsletter.
    Every Blessing.
    John Lord

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