Yikes, It’s been a while! 

Nothing new there then! Haha!

So much to report on… so let me begin with The build up to and Christmas itself!

We were rushed off our feet in the run up – it’s not easy ensuring that every ship gets their Christmas gifts, but thankfully most did! (if you were one of the vessels that were missed, just get in touch and we shall see what we can do for your return!) I could fill the next section with lots of pictures, but I will only post a few here, with lots more at the end – for those who really want to see them! 

Malaviya Seven Crew getting their gifts!

Some volunteers about to board a vessel!

A lady Seafarer gives Santa a hug!







A rare break for me followed Christmas day and I enjoyed having the whole family round! Happy times opening gifts after a feast cooked by my son and then some good news! Two daughter in laws are to make me a grandfather – one on May, the other in July and then my eldest said he was getting married in August. Wow!

This news was tinged with the sad news that my father in law (82 and living alone just outside Linlithgow) fell on Christmas Day when out walking his dog and was admitted to hospital. it will be a long slow recovery.

My old shed has been demolished and a new one erected and I am in the process of wiring it up – just waiting for the electrician to check it over and connect it to the mains! I still have to insulate and put sheet boarding up then add some shelves and I will have my own shed! My next project is Byron’s bedroom that needs all walls and ceiling stripped, insulated, plasterboard and wiring fitted and then get a plasterer to do a finishing skim. Relaxation? Aye right!

The old shed comes down…

The foundation

Taking shape…









And a new wardrobe for Naomi!

With mirror doors

Meanwhile, back at the port…

Smiling Rahul?

Yes, the harbour has continued to operate and there are still many seafarers who are grateful for the support of Aberdeen Seafarers Centre. The saga continues with the Malaviya Seven. One seafarer on board went through extensive dental treatment. He returned to the vessel with the anesthetic having not worn off and with a skewed smile! He didn’t understand why there was great hilarity amongst the crew until I took this picture!

Sadly, we seem no closer to a resolution to the ongoing issues.

Deflated, but clean??

 I am Chaplain to the local RNLI and I joined them for a Monday evening of training – which amounted to cleaning the station or the inflatable… I chose the station as it was freezing outside! This was followed by good team building over a pizza that was much enjoyed by all!




Above, Peter & Drew. Right, Lynne and Drew get ready to join me for some fun – ship visiting! 









Koos relaxing at home!

It is always good to be visiting my seafaring friend Koos. He too has had some bad news – his budgie died… but it wasn’t long before he got another companion… “Paws” a rescued cat! The seem to be having a tough life together… 

It’s a tough life

The numbers of seafarers visiting the centre  has picked up this month compared to January 2016. Here’s hoping it is a sign for the coming year!

We have also been blessed with a number of new volunteers – welcome to the team! We trust that you will have lots of fun as you seek to enhance the wellbeing of all seafarers who visit the port.

Well, enough for now… I need to send out the Filipino News to my friends and then get off this computer!

I’ll write again soon!



Howard ><> 

And a few Christmas day pictures…


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    No Idea why two of the pictures are upside down… I’ve rotated them, but still they remain upside down?
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  2. Bill Simpson Reply

    Good to know all is well(ish) with you Howard. Happy new year.

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