Isn’t life interesting? 

No? Can I swap with you then?? Haha!

Seriously, it has been a very full few weeks since I last posted. Much going on at home and at the Seafarers Centre…

Woolly hats from St Stephen’s Church







A donation of clothes and suitcases..









Pool tables being well used as ever!







And so is the Harbour!







Drew and Peter







Ship visiting with Lynne, Drew and Me!









This was on the Fugro Searcher and a lot of explaining was being done!

Crocodile bread – fancy a bite??






A request for Bibles for a Bible study on board! No problem…









One of our lady volunteers gave the boys on the Malaviya Seven a valentine rose (chocolate) and card each!









Talking of the Malaviya Seven, I have managed to blag free tickets for the crew to watch Aberdeen FC play Ross County this Saturday! I managed to get them kitted out with team scarves and hats…

Not sure how Ricky got in the picture?





What a handsome bunch?






The boss?

And a home visit…

Koos relaxing at home… with an addition to home?






Koos has a rescued cat – Paws! He seems to be enjoying relaxing in the sunshine!











So much has been happening and whilst most of it has been routine and happy/good news, there is always something that isn’t so good going on. Good news was that our Book Library Champion, Charlie finally got his hip replacement operation done. All went well and he is on the road to recovery, although it will be a while before he can do book exchanges – for obvious reasons!

We were saddened by the death of  a crew member on an PSV working out of Aberdeen. It was great to see how the companies involved and the various chaplains all worked together to support the crew and the office staff as well. We were asked if the crew could use the Seafarers Centre rather than a hotel buy their MD which we were more than happy to do. I think it worked well and the feedback was very positive. 

This is one of my long term goals – to have a Centre of Excellence for Chaplaincy based in the Centre where chaplains from all sectors could share resources in a common space and be on call 24/7 ready to respond to any and all emergencies. One day…

I was called to assist after a crewman fell in the hold of a cargo vessel that had just sailed from Montrose. I was travelling back from Montrose when I got the call – no I was not visiting the vessel, I was there at the opening of the new facility for seafarers that my good friend Peter runs. Free wifi with 24/7 access via a key-pad. Fortunately the seafarer was ok, but I had to revisit the vessel to help the Captain get the necessary information for hios report. She sailed on to Inverness where she was due to be alongside for 3 days!

Yes, hospital visits continue and meetings abound, along with the lesser of two evils – paperwork and the other evil – accounts! Haha!!)

Now back to home, an update with work in the garden…

Ground cleared for the new shed








The foundation







Some mud to be disposed of…

Starting the insulation…







And then – disaster – the Shed was broken into…

Smashed open door. New security fittings and an alarm have now been fitted!











Our fence was sagging…








Reposted and shored up with stones… A work in progress!










So as I said, it has been an eventful few weeks. 

I’m looking forward to the Football game on Saturday – I’m sure that there will be plenty of pictures!! 

I best get off here for now as I’m on duty at the Centre tonight – opening shortly!! 


Howard ><>


  1. Lloyd Gale Reply

    So good too see such wonderful work be done by the seafarers mission. I know what you guys are capable of doing always was a pleasure to see the port Chaplain come for a visit when we Canadians were operating out of Aberdeen. Keep up the good work I would love to make a visit to the city once again.

    Lloyd Gale.

    • Seachaplain Reply

      Hi Lloyd,
      Thanks for your kind words – and for sure, a warm welcome would be given to you should you make that visit to Aberdeen!!
      The kettle is on…
      Howard ><>

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