What an eventful weekend I have just had! More later though…

At the Seafarers Centre, plenty has been going on and our services continue to be well used. Lots of fun times and a few ‘issues’ to be dealing with.

Sadly, the Malaviya Seven continues it’s long sojourn in Aberdeen – almost a year now! Support continues to be given by many which speaks volumes of the local community, shipping companies and other agencies and of course the chaplains and volunteers here at Aberdeen Seafarers Centre.

Recently, I joined the crew in their game of cricket on the afterdeck. There was a lot of hilarity and as you can see from the pictures – they even recovered the ball when it went overboard! It was a good time to chat when they were relaxed and the tensions were forgotten for a while. 

See below for some pictures:

Great shot Chaplain???

How’s that! OUT!

Anyone for Cricket?

Where is the ball?

Smiles all round – they found it!

            A full car and happy seafarers!

Things continue to drag on… and we continue to support them in many ways – including a trip to ASDA for some groceries!

The next significant date is the 12th of June after which they will know a little more about the outcome of this ongoing saga to get their rightful wages.

Away from the Malaviya Seven, the harbour continues to keep me and my great team of volunteers busy.


Our cruise vessel season started with the smaller vessels. These are more intimate and enable time to speak with the crew. We opened up the Centre for them to use our free internet and relax away from the business of life onboard. Long watches and even longer contracts mean that they value greatly the opportunity to get off the vessel and contact their family and friends back home. 

Some of the crew enjoying the free wi-fi!

A cold seafarer…

Joe on gangway duty asked if I had a scarf amongst the bags of woolly hats I had with me… happy to help this cold Filipino seafarer!







    Thanks to the N.I. North of Scotland Branch!

I enjoyed attending the Nautical Institute North of Scotland Branch AGM.

Many thanks for the very generous cheque of £1,000 presented to me by Roger Armstrong for Aberdeen Seafarers Centre – and for all the ongoing support of the Nautical Institute since 2001!

On the family front… well, the pictures say it all…






Little Daniel is a charmer… however, a little bad news in that I had to visit my son in Aberdeen Royal Infirmary on Saturday night – Sunday morning after he broke his collarbone! The arrow in the picture below was so that they operate on the correct collarbone!

Happy before his operation!

He had his operation this morning and so the recovery begins. Sadly, he will not be holding little Daniel for a while now… Get well soon son!

And at home… it was time to remodel Byron’s bedroom… down came the mock wood paneling on walls and ceiling; rewiring and insulation of external walls, and then putting up new plasterboard. The plasterer will be coming on Wednesday to put a finishing skim on the walls – there are limits to my skillset – although I did fit new taps in my other son’s kitchen sink on Saturday!









It will look great when it is finished, although Byron isn’t convinced…

Click here to download a short video

Anyway, enough for now, suffice to say that a very important update should be posted tomorrow – so watch this space for news of a great achievement for Aberdeen Seafarers Centre Volunteers! They are the unsung heroes who keep the Centre open every day of the year! Your story will be in the P&J (local newspaper) tomorrow! 

And a vessel Christening on Wednesday… busy, busy, busy!! 

Take care,


Howard ><>

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