I mentioned that I was heading off to the Lord Provost’s’ Office at the end of my last blog, saying all would be revealed… and it will…

But first, a trip to the Nautical Institute’s branch meeting for three of the officers at the Shell Club. 

Myself, Capt Ashish, Chief Officer, Bamadev and 2nd officer, Rahul enjoying a light refreshment before the meeting!

Some small gifts for the leaving crew…

The long saga for the crew on the Malaviya Seven continues. However, a significant step has been taken…  so another celebration?

In the very early hours of Thursday morning, (21st) six of the crew were making their way to the airport… heading for home!

Sadly, that meant that six crew members had to remain, but at least their hope was restored that an end is in sight – once the vessel is sold by auction. Meanwhile, Aberdeen Seafarers Centre continues to provide the remaining crew fuel and food!

Checking in…

As can be seen in the following pictures, there were plenty of smiles at the airport:

Six Happy Seafarer

It was very sad to see them leave… yet no doubt they will be glad to leave! Mixed feelings from all – our volunteers have built up very good relationships with the crew and see them as friends. Indeed one of our volunteers will be booking tickets to spend Christmas with her new ‘family!’ Afterwards, we headed back to the vessel for a cuppa at 0600 and spend time assuring those who remain would continue to be supported and cared for by all at Aberdeen Seafarers Centre and the many other good folks in Aberdeen supporting the crew.

Now, back to the Lord Provost… 

Readers of my blog will already know that our wonderful volunteers had been awarded the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service. I was delighted that the Lord Provost, Barney Crockett, agreed to present them with individual certificates when he visited the Centre last Friday (22nd).

It was a great evening and our Lord provost presented a framed certificate from HM the Queen and spoke well of the value of volunteering  and support that Aberdeen Seafarers gives to the thousands of visitors to our city by sea.

Outside presentation

After the presentation, everyone was treated to a fish supper from the amazing Ashvale with everyone fed like a king!


A Winning Team!

We also included the six remaining crew members of the Malaviya Seven…  on the left of the picture!

The volunteers received not only a personal certificate, but also a QAVS pin badge and a new Polo Shirt with the Centre Logo and QAVS logo on it. 

So, if you would like to join the team of volunteers, then please do get in touch and we can make use of your skills!

Three models? Not likely!

The following day I spent at the Treetops Hotel with a stand at the Aberdeen Modelling Club competition where we were given a charity stand.

It was good to have several volunteers man the stand – and the models themselves (of ships, oil rigs and other objects) were spectacular! 

Coming up…

Yes, it is time to commence the annual Christmas Parcel Wrapping! 

This will begin on Thursday the 5th of October at 1800 until 2200 at the Seafarers Centre. 

Thereafter, on the following days/times:

Monday 9th between 1200 and 1500

Tuesday 10th between 1800 and 2200

Wednesday the 11th between 1200 and 1500

Thursday the 12th between 1800 and 2200

Some of last years volunteers!

Please do join us for some fun as we prepare the parcels for 3000 visiting seafarers to Aberdeen during December.

We actually start to distribute them in October to fit in with the crew changes overseas!

The Sea Shed is about to start in earnest – we have secured funding and the first 10 to sign up can have the use of an iPad when at the Centre and it may be possible to take them home too… Still finalising things and I am hopeful of getting Apple Technicians to come and do the initial training for those having them.

Please do get in touch if you would like to put your name down. (or know of a seafarer who would be interested to come along. We will be meeting on the first Friday each month and training should happen on the 1st of December.  The official Launch will hopefully be on the 5th of January 2018…

I’m looking for a logo for the Sea-Shed – any budding graphic artists out there who could help?

Right, I must stop for now… more to follow… 


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