Well I am sorry to have been so long in updating this blog… life has been busy and I had been on holiday for my son’s wedding, but more about that later…

The all-consuming news has been the ongoing plight of the crew on the Malaviya Seven. It is a longstanding situation that has impacted my whole ministry. 

It has been heartening to see how much support there has been from the local community as well as those connected with the maritime community and the Seafarers Centre, way too many to mention individually. Sadly, despite the headlines in local newspapers, their ordeal is not yet over. 

              Not Quite right!

          If only that was true!






Sadly, the process could take a further 3 months…

Meanwhile we continue to endeavour to keep the crew morale up by various means – the supply of phone cards every month, outings to football matches and many other activities that help to keep them occupied. Below are just a few of the many pictures taken. They can speak for themselves:

                  Let the Parade begin!


The annual Celebrate Aberdeen Parade where the crew joined in the fun marching down Union Street with the ‘Third Sector’ organisations.


               Meeting the Lord Provost!


When we reached the end of the parade we were met by the Lord Provost who had previously met the crew on the vessel.


            The Menu – in Hindi no less!

We went to Peterhead FC as their guests and the crew were treated like kings with a 3-course meal before watching the game. They even out the menu in Hindi for them – nice touch. 


          The Club Chaplain!

Our host for the day was the club Chaplain, and a friend of mine from the Apex Church.He was an excellent host and even got me in to speak with the manager before the game! I did say that the 15 visitors would bring a good result after two defeats!! 

                Fun with the club mascot!

The crew having their pictures taken with the club mascot – ten out of ten for his/her endurance as countless pictures were taken.

      With some of the team after the match

Their reward was meeting the players after the match – again posing for pictures!

The result? Peterhead won 2-0 and went through to the next round… 

  Headline in Nautilus Telegraph!

This months copy of the Telegraph had the front page highlight their plight and insisting that it must not be allowed to happen again…

Sadly, this is happening around the world… with the ITF indicating that 30% of seafarers worldwide are not being paid their full wages. To many folks ashore seafarers are the forgotten workforce. 

Aberdeen Seafarers Centre has been supplying the crew with Food and Fuel and it looks like we will take a financial hot this year with a projected loss of £20,000. 

We are grateful to those who have given already, but if you would like to help, you can give using this link: 


We have been given an aviation fuel tank to store the fuel to supply the deck generator directly which should save around 20% of fuel usage. Every little helps!

And in other news… 

Yes, the M7 situation has taken up a lot of my time, however I have been busy doing other things as well…

I have been out doing a fair bit of speaking… at rotary, guilds, and today at Old Torry… all great fun and gives me the opportunity to highlight the varied work done through the Seafarers Centre.

  ETPM’s Birthday Cake… yummy!

Last Thursday I had the privilege of conducting a first for me and a first for Aberdeen!! It was the 10th ‘birthday’ of a company that started back in 2007 in Waterloo Quay Properties where I had my office when I was with the Sailors Society.

They had a function at the Silver Darling and I had the privilege of Christening TWO ROV’s!

Afterwards, an impromptu game of ‘Heads or Tails’ resulted in a fantastic donation to our Malaviya Seven appeal of £1,000.

Thank you to all who donated so generously! It was a great evening and a big thanks to Jeff Mountain who heads up ETPM.

On a personal note, our eldest son got married when we were on holiday – in Manchester!!! It was a fantastic day and everyone had a great time as the pictures below show…

               The wedding venue

                      Let the fun begin!!

                  The happy couple!

Cutting the amazing wedding cake.








        Now that really is a dent…

Poor Byron had a fall in our holiday home… he certainly left his mark! (see above right picture)

Thankfully there was no lasting damage and it didn’t prevent him taking full part in the wedding, during the ceremony and at the reception! 

All in all, it was a great day!

Well done to all Tilly and Phil’s friends who did all the hard work setting up the venue and a thousand and one thing besides – especially the catering crew who did a fantastic job and did my waistline no good at all! :o)

Life at the Centre remains busy. Our volunteers have just completed a First Aid course; next week they will be doing a Fire Marshalling course and on the 22nd, they will be being presented with their certificates for the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service by the Lord Provost! 

So many other things are going on, but I will close with a picture of the lads using both pool tables which remain very popular!

             Both Pool tables being used

Best wishes,

Howard ><>

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