Well, the latest news about the Malaviya Seven is probably well known by now – the vessel didn’t sell at the auction as only one bidder as present. 

The result is that the saga continues! 

Another trip to ASDA!

This is so sad and the morale of the remaining 6 crew has plummeted and it has been back to offering support for the guys in a variety of ways. Several trips to ASDA to buy fresh food – the fridge and freezers are not in use with the generators being limited to 10m hours a day…  

Heating is also becoming an issue. With the winter approaching fast, Aberdeen’s cold weather will have an increasing impact on the ability of the crew to remain warm. 

It is good to know that the ITF are working behind the scenes to bring a speedy resolution to this ongoing ordeal.

Aberdeen Seafarers Centre continues to supply them with fuel, food and water and we continue to be grateful for the support of local businesses and individuals. 

You can help too with a donation, large or small, using this link:

Just Giving Page 

Please mark it as M7 so that we can keep the money specifically for the crew. 

Of course, there has been plenty of other stuff going on – the routine ship visits continue and it is good to welcome Mike Deeming as our newest ship visitor volunteer. He has a lot to offer and I’m sure that he will get a warm welcome on the vessels visiting Aberdeen. 

Hospital or home visits are significant times of ministry and it is a pleasure to share with seafarers in their time of need. 

I recently conducted the funeral of one person, Nothing too unusual about my conducting funerals, but I mention it as it was probably the first time I was part of one where humour prevailed as we celebrated the gentleman’s life! There were even props of a trumpet, hotel towel and a lemon! Those who attended will be laughing now! 

Speaking engagements are also fun times unlike paperwork  which I find challenging! Thankfully I now have some admin support and Naomi is doing a splendid work Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons.

         Barry Bryant at the lectern!

I attended the Marine Charities Group Supporting Seafarers conference where I learned a lot about the future of seafarer support with excellent speakers who challenged and stimulated all the charities to work together to better serve seafarers – music to my ears! 

            Just a few of our volunteers!

We have been busy doing the Christmas parcels wrapping for our 3000 visiting crew members that will get a gift from the Seafarers Centre. These were fun times and I really do appreciate the support of all who came and helped stuff woolly  hats, cut the wrapping paper and of course those who did the actual wrapping of the presents. I am sure that there will be many seafarers who will have a happier Christmas because of your efforts! Thanks!

We have had both Advisors and Trustee meetings which were helpful times and as we look to the future, there are some significant changes ahead! One immediate change has been the move of the ‘computer room’ to a smaller space. The reason behind the move is simply that as more and more seafarers have tablets/iPads/laptops or smartphones they tend to use them for accessing the internet via our free wi-fi connection. 

However, we have adapted the smaller room with 4 computer stations for those who still want to use them.

The other reason for the change is that it now leaves us with a larger room to hold meetings in that is very useful. So if you want to hold a meeting for a training event, we are available! 

Finally, the Sea-Shed! Yes, it is now fully funded and will commence this Friday with a preliminary meeting this Friday, 3rd of November between 1000 and 1300. PLEASE publicise this to your retired (or unemployed?) seafarers that live in the Aberdeen area. 

The purpose it to help prevent social isolation, increase IT skills and have fun! Tabnabs and a light lunch is provided so please get in touch via email at seachaplain at gmail dot com or call the centre and leave a message on 01224 590036 to book a place or for more information. A training day on how to use the iPads will also be held on the 1st of December, 1000-1600. The iPads are free to users! 

Away from work, the DIY continues with the extending of the back fence – behind the shed and the insulating of our bedroom external wall which involved removing the lathe and plaster, inserting the insulation sheets and then fitting new plasterboard to the wall. See pictures below!

             Lathe and plaster wall.

                      That’s better…



            The other side of the fence!

The fence!










Enough from me for now… it’s a new week! 

Have a great one!


Howard ><>

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