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Hi, this is just a quick post – to say that the final four crew of the Malaviya Seven will be going home next week! Wonderful news!

A farewell party has been organised for this Sunday… More will follow about this…

The other news is that SOMETHING NEW is about to happen!

For many years now I have been frustrated by meeting retired seafarers for the first time at the crematorium! We have great facilities and finance is available to help retired seafarers, but they are either too proud to ask or just do not know about the Seafarers Centre so they slip through the net and get lost, often leading to isolation during the last season of their lives.
Because of Data Protection legislation nobody can give me details of any past employees – retired (or redundant) without their permission and rightly so! This has curtailed my ministry to the seafarers I seek to serve.
I have sent a letter that I would really appreciate being circulated amongst any ex seafarers – retired or redundant, male or female,  – who live locally about a new project that I am starting up. The Sea-Shed! If they are interested, they can then get in touch with me! 
I am sure it would be beneficial for them and would help me to get to know and serve them better – before I meet them at the Crematorium! 
Click this link for the letter!  Sea-ShedLetter (1)
Have a great day and enjoy your weekend.
Howard ><>

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